Monday, February 27, 2012

We're Home...well kinda...

We have had our little Caleb with us for one day and one night now.  I have learned a couple of things...

1.  it is a huge stereotype to say Asians are smaller.  He is killing my back!  I am almost sure he weighs as much as my Tommy, a good 30 pounds at least!

2.  Children who have grown up with no real mommy or daddy, well it's just not good for them.

My sweet little boy came from a great Foster home/orphanage.  For the last year he has been with only a small group of kids, with one or two caretakers in a home setting.  Yet the things he does out of fear, out of lack of understanding, out of lack of ever having a mommy or daddy...

He is not very sure about Kenney, similar to Noah, he just hasn't had male caretakers in his life, so Kenney looks and sounds scary to him.  While we were in the civil affairs office he was the last child brought in. He had an adorable plastic sleeve that contained pictures of our family already, so I think he kinda knew or at least recognized us a bit, that seemed to really help.  He didn't smile, or look happy, or really have any facial expressions.  When we got in the car to go back to the hotel he fell asleep in my arms. (Yes, China has no car seats) Once he woke up, he seemed to warm up a bit, we had some snacks, and he played with a toy car.  In both a good way, and a sad way though, he will NOT let me put him down, or walk more than a few steps away from him without a full blown out screaming, throwing his body on the ground, banging his head, and flipping out.  To top it all off he has a terrible cold with congestion that sounds horrible.  Last night he woke up with a high fever, and that took a while to come down and get him back to sleep. 

In short, the long plane ride was NOT fun over here.  He is so cuddly.  He giggles and enjoys when I lean into his ear and tell him I love him, and kiss him.  He craves my touch so much.  He responds so well to me, I am so very thankful.  God has from day one (and all of eternity) known this little boy was going to be a part of our family.  I over and over can't believe how faithful he has been to my Caleb.  He orchestrated every single detail to bring this boy into a family, and he will continue to be both sovereign and faithful to our child.

15 more days in China.... I can't wait to see Isabell, I can't wait to bring them home, I am not looking forward to the plane ride with both of them.  Please pray Isabell bonds with Kenney, with one little girl who can't walk, and a little boy who only wants to be held, I for sure will need some prayers!

The food- it really isn't bad.  Real Chinese food is super cheap, different, but tasty.  Eating in our hotel is almost 4 times more expensive than eating from a street restaurant.  We ate locally last night, and have enjoyed ourselves, and Caleb just loves it, he isn't thrilled with American food.  The special for the month however is, cooked full alligator turtle.  It's pretty much a giant turtle cooked... kinda like lobster... I am still contemplating if I should be adventurous!

God is good, and greatly to be praised!  Hopefully my  baby will let mommy have some free time, as I'd love to journal a bit more, but for now....

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  1. OH YEA!!! He's darling!! I'm so glad he's taken to you...and he will get used to Kenny soon. My friend's daughter calls her Daddy, Baba. Is that Chinese for Daddy? Still praying and will continue to pray for Isabell...trusting God has cared just as much for her and meeting her needs as He has for Caleb! Rest well...oh I will pray he sleeps good! :)