Saturday, February 25, 2012

And We're Off....

I am watching my babies sleep.  I have no desire to leave them for 19 days!!!  I have no idea when I became so emotional, or such a big huge giant crybaby, but that is exactly what my life has become this morning. 

We leave in a couple of hours, board a plane for 14 hours, have a layover in China for 3 hours, board another plane to Zhengzhou (Caleb's hometown) for 2 hours, get picked up at the airport and go to our hotel around 10pm Sunday night, and then bright and early on Monday morning we go pick feng feng (what they call him in Chinese) up.

No rest for the weary!  As Kenney says, "it's a good thing we'll be rested in heaven."

Please pray for us.  Pray that I can keep it together and not cry too much.  Pray for my three littles here in America.  That they would be patient, obedient to my parents, and know their mommy and daddy leave them only to return with two new siblings! Pray for my parents, that somehow they would morph into two 20 year olds again and be full of energy and remember what having five kids was like. Pray for safe travels.  Pray our newest children don't make our three weeks in China too difficult. 

And, per Kenney, pray he would loose 15 pounds... on our honeymoon in Ecuador he lost 5, in Russia he lost 10... so he is going for a record  ;-)

Thank you to our friends and family who have supported us.  We've made new friends, formed new relationships, grew in our walk with Christ, grew in our love for each other, and mostly grew in our love of Christ.  May He be glorified!

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  1. Praying...and looking forward to some "Sistah" updates! Grandparents will do fine...we're like that. We love the time with our grands, then we collapse when they leave! Enjoy your trip and so excited to meet your new son and daughter!