Saturday, June 8, 2013

We too, Choose Life

I was barely up, eyes barely open as the sun was not even nearly up-  "She didn't make it through the procedure."

And my mind knew what my heart felt. 

On February 29, 2012, this sweet little girl sat in my lap, while I listened to her sing "Jesus Loves Me" in Chinese.  In a home for orphans in China, while we were picking up our son Fengfeng (Caleb) this little girl sat with no mommy or daddy and with extreme medical conditions. 

From that day forward I have had the privilege of watching a family choose life.  Her life.

Their story is long and complicated.  It is full of twists and turns.  Full of setbacks and problems.  From the beginning, pain and suffering were commonplace in this story.  I watched every plot twist unfold and have had the privilege to first hand witness the orchestrating of God's mighty hand in their lives.  The family chose life.  At all costs.  The financial burdens, the paperwork, the stress, the hours and hours on their knees in prayer, the questions, the hard answers, the extra work, the extra time, the extra everything it required of them to make that decision. They even chose more life. That arm and leg and one quarter of head in the picture- that little boy is part of the story too.  They chose his life as well.

Last night, that little girl, Zoe, had Jesus call her home.  In the midst of a complicated and trying surgical procedure, all the medical intervention couldn't sustain her life here on earth, and Jesus chose to call her home. 

The pain and intense heartache I can't even begin to fathom.  The tears I've cried over this little girl are nothing compared to the mama who chose her life, to the family that fought for her life. 

Many thoughts flood my mind.  Almost every thought brings me to my knees and to tears.  May this little girl's life remind me why we live the way we live.  May her life remind me why we have the children we have.  Why we support the ministries we support.  May her life remind me, human life, is precious and to be celebrated and to be chosen.  Always.  Made in Christ's image each life is, and HE is always to be chosen, always to be celebrated, always to be praised.  Every single sacrifice, every financial burden, every amount of suffering is always worth it.  Life is always to be valued.

Zoe's mama chose life.
Zoe's daddy chose life.
Zoe's family chose life.

They penned these words to remember:  (click here to read the full post)

So how much is a life worth? Ask Jesus. He gave everything. This tiny bit I'm giving right now?!? It pales in comparison. I pray that I'll remember that when this day is done.

I pray for this family- that
"the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:7
I pray that it may be true of me, that I choose life.  That this family chooses life.  No matter the cost, no matter the suffering, no matter the ridicule, no matter the culture, no matter the expense, even if it costs our own lives, I pray it to be true.
We choose life.


  1. Thank you Laura for being one part of the answer for cha cha to have a family. She did't die alone in an orphan's bed. She was a daughter and is a daughter of the King!!!

    In China, I have dealt with a baby's death over a dozen times, but this one is so difficult. First, I am here with my daughter and my mother, I can't just pick up another baby, feel needed and continue on. I know where cha cha is, in the lap of Jesus and this sustains me. We will continue to do the best we can. All of our staff are mourning her death. I pray this will give others there an opportunity to "Choose Life Everlasting"

  2. I too thank you Laura for your blog-----my husband and I have seen Zoe through your eyes within your blog. Our love and sympathies go out to you and your family in your pain. Our daughter-in-love told us about your sweet Cha Cha---so we have been following her story. We continue to pray that our Lord, who holds your precious daughter, will sustain you through this time. We have been so blessed by your testimony of HE who chose LIFE at great sacrifice for those who will believe.

  3. Our Amy just informed me that you Laura are not Zoe's mom---sorry to have posted on your site-----I tried to find a comment spot on the Carr's blog, but not being too computer literate, I can't find a place to post. I understand that your little boy and our grandson have the same name---Caleb----thanks for your blog as well-----Amy keeps me up on lots of families, but I tend to get things a bit confused at times. Pat